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  תמוז 25, 5771 , 27/07/11

'Why is Norway Different?' Father Asks

Worldwide sympathy over a mass-casualty attack in Norway has one Israeli father wondering why his family's tragedy was ignored. “I saw the tragedy in Norway, I looked and saw all kinds of people speaking out and asking how this could happen, and saying what a tragedy it was,” said Yitzchak Viflic, whose son Daniel was murdered three months ago by Gaza terrorists.

“The whole world was on its feet. But I think they are living on a different planet, what happened to them happened to me. There the terror hurt 60 children, but what is the difference?... Is terrorism against one OK, but other terrorism not OK?”

Viflic suggested that perhaps the attack “will open their eyes, let them understand that there is no justification for any kind of terrorism.” Despite Friday's attack, Norway continues to blame Israel for terrorism against Jews.

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