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  תמוז 25, 5771 , 27/07/11

A Solution for Public Housing?

Israel is facing a severe shortage of public housing for the needy – but with a commitment to change, the government could solve the problem in months, says David Kashni, head of the Forum for Public Housing. Kashni has played an active role in the ongoing housing protest since day one.

“The media is making it seem as if the protesters have no solution, but that is not true,” he said. They have a detailed plan, he said, which involves the government buying 40,000 housing units immediately, and in the long term, tearing down and rebuilding 40,000 existing public housing units that are in poor condition.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is not to blame for the current lack, Kashni added. “I've been coming to the Knesset and bringing the problem up with MKs and with the Housing Minister for more than a decade,” he said.

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