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  תמוז 24, 5771 , 26/07/11

Rabbi: Civil Courts will Take Longer on Divorce Matters

Former manager Eliyahu Ben-Dahan said Tuesday that a divorce-related matters of property and child custody will take months, if not years, if left in the hands of the Family Relations Courts. Last week, a special committee, headed by current rabbinical court manager Shlomo Daichovsky, recommended that the rabbinical courts just deal with divorces and leave the other matters to the family courts.

Interviewed by Arutz Sheva's Hebrew service, Rabbi Ben-Dahan said Israel had a unique system that allows both courts allowing to deal in these matters and wanted to end the system where the court where the file is first opened is the court that will handle the case. The rabbi felt the decision was incorrect and, despite the recommendation, will not be implemented.

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