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  תמוז 23, 5771 , 25/07/11

Minister, MK Call for PM's Involvement in Doctor Strike

Interior Minister Eli Yishai called, on Monday, for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to get involved immediately in the government's collective bargaining talks with the Israel Medical Federation. In an urgent letter to Netanyahu, the Shas party chairman said he wrote that it was a matter of life and death and stressed that only the prime minister had the power to bring sanctions by doctors to an end. Yishai said it would be proper to conduct a marathon session of a socioeconomic cabinet and representatives of the doctors and interns until a solution is found.

Responding to remarks by Netanyahu on Sunday in which he called on ministers to help carry a stretcher, Member of Knesset Rachel Adatto said there was no place to take the stretcher since the doctors were on strike and the hospitals were closed. She said the prime minister's ignoring of the sanctions for 128 days had left the health system bleeding and in critical condition. Echoing Yishai's comments, Dr. Adatto said there were budgets that only Netanyahu could allocate and that the time had come for him to show leadership and stop hiding behind his ministers.

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