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  תמוז 12, 5771 , 14/07/11

Police Confiscate Booklets in Support of Rabbi Lior

A student of the "Nir" Hesder yeshiva in the Judean Jewish community of Kiryat Arba, headed by Rabbi Dov Lior, was briefly detained by police Thursday in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, while en route to the Samarian Jewish community of Beit El, where he hoped to deliver 40 copies of a booklet put out by other students at the yeshiva in support of Rabbi Lior. The police refused to return the booklets and the students tried Thursday afternoon to find out how to get the booklets back. The police say the student was passing the booklets out to passersby and that they kept only one copy for examination.

The booklet, entitled "Lichevodah Shel Torah" (In Torah's Honor), includes talks from a recent gathering at the yeshiva on behalf of Rabbi Lior, who was detained by police for questioning over his endorsement of the Torah scholarship in the book "Torat Hamelech" (The Torah of the King), which concerns Jewish law on the question of the priority of Jewish soldiers' lives versus killing of enemy civilians in time of war.

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