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  תמוז 9, 5771 , 11/07/11

Bar-on Slams Barak at Committee Meeting

MK Roni Bar-on criticized Defense Minister Ehud Barak for his failure to attend sessions of the  Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee over the past several years. Barak appeared at the committee for the first time in many months, and MKs responded by largely being absent from the discussion.

Bar-on said that the turnout of MKs was embarrassing – for Barak, not the Committee, since they were simply reacting to his prior belittling of the Committee's sessions. In addition, he said, the presentation that Barak made, in which he said that Israelis could expect Arab armies to drop as much as 50 tons of explosives over Israeli cities if war breaks out, was “too facile and not in-depth enough.”
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