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  תמוז 2, 5771 , 04/07/11

Report: IDF Base Bans Book Including Refusal to Evict

The commander of the officer training school at Training Base No. 1 has ordered the removal from the base's Jewish study hall of the book Yesh Shoalim (There are those who ask) by Rabbi Zalman Melamed, because of its Jewish legal ruling that soldiers should refuse orders to uproot Jewish communities, according to a Monday report by the Yisrael Hayom daily.  It is based on a ruling by the late former IDF Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren, citing earlier precedents. The book was not purchased by the Israel Defense Forces but contributed by someone and put in the study hall.

Responding to a Yisrael Hayom reporter's question about the book's presence, the IDF Spokesperson's Office said any book supporting refusal of orders or opposing the spirit of the military in other ways is unacceptable in the IDF out of hand. Base commander Eran Niv ordered that the book be taken out of the study hall and that no use be made of it.

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