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  סיון 27, 5771 , 29/06/11

MK Ariel: Investigate Professor for Incitement

MK Uri Ariel (Ichud Leumi) called Wednesday to investigate Professor Eyal Nir, who called last month for activists worldwide to “break the necks” of those celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem. “In light of the history of violence against Jews in Jerusalem, both by Arabs and by the extreme Left, and the fact that Dr. Nir is a senior professor... There is a significant concern that the violent community which sees him as an example could take his words literally and kill Jews who are happy about the reunification and construction of Jerualem,” Ariel argued.

The fact that Nir was not arrested for his statement, while Rabbi Dov Lior was arrested for alleged incitement, has led to accusations of police discrimination against the political right. Ariel mentioned the different treatment of the two and called for equality, adding, “Eyal Nir's statement was much more severe than the words that led to Rabbi Dov Lior's arrest.”

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