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  סיון 18, 5771 , 20/06/11

Paratroopers Told to Choose Between Hesder and Command

Arutz 7 has learned that the commander of Paratroop Brigade 101 told soldiers with yeshiva backgrounds on Sunday that their participation in a course for squad commanders was contingent on their leaving the Hesder program, which combines military service with religious studies. The Union of Hesder Yeshivas responded by saying it was checking out complaints related to the demand and if they were found to be true, it was a serious matter and the union would work to stop the Paratroop Brigade policy, which hurts the soldiers from yeshivas.

A few months ago, pressure from various sources, including Science Minister Daniel Hershkowitz, forced the brigade and division to back down from issuing a similar choice. According to the information received by Arutz 7, a group of soldiers with yeshiva backgrounds completed a command course after that.

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