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  סיון 11, 5771 , 13/06/11

Jordanian Terrorist: I Didn't Commit Any Crime

Ahmed Daqamseh, a former soldier in the Jordanian army who opened fire on a group of Israeli students who were visiting the “peace island” of Naharayim on March 13, 1997 and killed seven of them, said on Sunday that he should be freed from prison since he had simply fulfilled his national and religious duty by killing the students.

In an interview he gave to the daily Jordanian newspaper Ad-Dustour after he was not included in the list of Jordanian citizens who received amnesty from Jordan’s King Abdullah, Daqamesh said that he did not commit a crime and said the state should release him after all the years he has spent in prison. He added that those who release thieves and criminals should first end the sufferings of those, like him, who have not committed any crime.

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