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  סיון 7, 5771 , 09/06/11

Complaints At an All-Time High

An upcoming report by the National Complaints Ombudsman, a department of the the Comptroller's Office, shows that complaints by Israelis against businesses and government offices reached an all time high in 2010. According to the report, 14,000 complaints were approved by the office, a rise of 44% since 2005. The official report is to be released next week.

The accepted average for justified complaints from the total number filed against institutions around the world is 30%, but several Israeli institutions were above that average; among them is the Israel Broadcast Authority, where the Ombudsman found that 44% of all complaints filed against it were justified; 42% of complaints against the Transport Ministry's Road Safety Authority, whose agents stop cars at the side of roads and highways and conduct spot checks for safety, were found to be justified; and 39% of complaints against the Israel Police were justified, as were 35% of complaints against the Postal Authority. The worse-performing municipality was Haifa, where 31.6% of complaints were found to be justified.
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