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  סיון 4, 5771 , 06/06/11

'Gray Water' Bill will Save Residential Customers Money

The environmental group Friends of the Earth Middle East has praised Knesset members Dov Khenin and Nitzan Horowitz for submitting what is being called the Gray (Murky) Water Bill for its first reading in the parliament. A statement by the group said implementation of the proposal will allow additional uses for water and save the residential consumer consumption of expensive water. Friends of the Earth said it is in the state's interest to promote the re-use of murky water to make much better use of the resource of water which is in short supply in this region.

The group called for the law to include the equipping of public buildings with recycled-water systems and establish an inexpensive way to equip new houses with gray-water systems. It said that such systems make economic sense in the long run but it is an added cost and there should be ways to make it easier for young couples to afford houses with these systems.

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