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  אייר 25, 5771 , 29/05/11

Chonenu: Officers Coerce Minor to Snitch for Pay

The Chonenu Association claims that detectives have attempted to coerce a minor into revealing information about settlers for money.

Ariel police detectives arrested A’, a minor from central Israel at Tapuach Junction this morning. They claimed that a Ramle court issued a warrant for his arrest since he did not appear at a hearing.

'A’ was taken to the Ariel police station where it was clarified that he had sent a medical request for the postponement of the hearing due to illness. The request came late to the court. 'A’ was released after being ordered to deposit 500 NIS to insure his attendance at future hearings.

As 'A’ was about to leave the station, two detectives spoke to him. “The one called Effi said he would give me the money if I helped him solve a case and gave him information about some of the guys from the hilltops (Adolescent right-wing activists)", said 'A'.

'A’ refused the offer despite their repeated attempts. He left the station and turned to the legal center of the Chonenu association, where he told his story.
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