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  אייר 18, 5771 , 22/05/11

Ayalon: Borders Not at Issue

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said Sunday, "Our conflict is not and has never been about territory, so basing the negotiations on territory or borders will not solve the conflict." During a visit to the Jerusalem suburb of Maale Adumim, including the E1 neighborhood between Maale Adumim and the capital, Ayalon said. "Instead, the basis for negotiations should be that a Palestinian state can not and will not come at the risk or expense of the only Jewish State. Everything that is discussed or negotiated between the parties should be with this principle in mind."
The deputy foreign minister continued, "The Palestinians have been offered a sovereign state for over seven decades now, including recent overly-generous offers by former prime-ministers Barak and Olmert. The Palestinians did not reject any of these offers because of the size of territory or borders." He called Maale Adumim "a thriving metropolis", adding that it "is vital for Israel's needs and will remain under Israeli control, this should be non-negotiable."
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