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  אייר 14, 5771 , 18/05/11

Arab Riots Expected on June 7

Security forces are gearing up for a second round of Arab riots, commemorating “Naksa day,” on June 7. “Naksa day” (lit. Setback day) marks the day on which the IDF reunited Jerusalem after 19 years of Jordanian rule in the eastern part of the city.

The “Naksa” also refers to Israel's defeat of multiple Arab armies to retake control of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Various websites have called for a mass Arab march on Israel with the goal of taking over the country and replacing it with a Muslim Arab country, “Palestine.” One site said Nakba day events, which included a march on the northern border quickly thwarted by the IDF, “proved that we can free Palestine by an unarmed mass march, as long as we are willing to pay any price, even one million martyrs.”
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