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  ניסן 27, 5771 , 01/05/11

Holland Outlaws IHH as Terror Supporters

A report on Channel 2 Sunday said that the government of the Netherlands has placed the Turkish IHH organization on its list of groups that promote or support terrorist activity. The Dutch decision was based on the IHH's close relationship with Hamas, the report said.

In an interview, Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said that the organization's assets had been frozen, because it generally transferred money to the IHH branch in Germany, which had been outlawed. The reason for that, he said, was because the German IHH branch had been caught transferring money to Hamas, which has been on the EU's terror list since 2003. He added that the decision to outlaw the IHH had been taken independent of the organization's efforts to organize a new flotilla to Gaza, and that any new flotilla would be against the PA's interests.
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