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  אדר ב 23, 5771 , 29/03/11

Paper Compares Gaza Arabs, Holocaust Survivors

A paper recently published by an Israeli professor compares testimony given by Arab residents of Gaza following the Cast Lead counterterror offensive with testimony from Jewish Holocaust survivors. The paper was brought to attention by the Israel Academia Monitor.

The paper was written by Dr. Michal Givoni, who gives lectures at several publicly funded Israeli universities.

What most concerned the Israel Academia Monitor was Givoni's source – she used testimony given to the extreme-left group Breaking the Silence, and noted her support for the organization in her paper. Breaking the Silence faced criticism for dishonesty during Cast Lead when it was discovered that several of the soldiers who allegedly revealed war crimes had not actually witnessed the events they described, and in at least one case, had not been in Gaza at all at the time the alleged events were said to have taken place.
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