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  אדר ב 10, 5771 , 16/03/11

Boaz Shabo Comforts Fogel Family

Nearly nine years ago, Boaz Shabo's wife and three of his children were murdered in a terrorist attack in their home in the town of Itamar. On Wednesday, he went to comfort the surviving members of the Fogel family, after parents Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their children were murdered by terrorists in their home in Itamar.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva before the visit, Shabo said, “The tiny bit I can tell them, is to look to Udi and Ruth and the children who are in heaven, who expect only that they keep moving upward. Each step up is very hard, but that is what must be done. That is the only way.”

The response to terrorism is to continue Jewish life, he said. “They want to destroy us, and our response is to build families.” Also, he said, “to give, to help one another, not to get angry with people, not to judge... This is the only way, because everything else shrinks in the face of the feeling that we need to love one another.”
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