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  אדר 26, 5771 , 02/03/11

Jerusalem to Install Wheelchair-Friendly Bus Stops

The Jerusalem Municipality plans to install wheelchair-friendly bus stops and implement other changes to make the buses more accessible to the disabled.

As testing on the new light rail in Jerusalem, continues, buses have been diverted to the narrow and busy side streets of Agrippas and HaNeviim. The city has posted larger, easy to read bus signs and new benches, but the temporary stops are nevertheless small and overcrowded.

Now the city plans to relocate utility poles, garbage cans and other hindrances to make bus stops more accessible to the disabled. Other changes will be implemented to make bus stops more wheelchair accessible.

The changes will affect 500 bus stops in the city and cost approximately 30 million NIS (New Israeli Shekels).  Currently, most buses in Jerusalem have special wheelchair ramps and other features to accommodate the disabled.

Other new features of the Jerusalem buses recently implemented are maps posted both on the inside of buses and on bus stops, and in some locations, new electronic signs that indicate the estimated time of arrival for each bus line.

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