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  שבט 26, 5771 , 31/01/11

Meridor: Iranian, Syrian Smiles Not in Good Direction

Intelligence Minister Dan Meridor said Monday night, "We are viewing a big change and we don't know all its results. The smiles that we see from the Iranians and the Syrians are not in good directions." Adressing the unrest in neighboring countries during an appearance at the National Institute for Security Studies in Tel Aviv, Meridor explained that the enemy has created a new world which is not just an annoyance but a challenge. He added, "This is a war between an armed fighter who stands on one side of the border and fires at an unarmed civilian on the second side.

Regarding the Iranian nuclear threat, Meridor said, "If, in the end, Iran will be nuclear, it will be proof of the United States' inability to protect its allies and the consequences will be serious. Israel is wise and correct not to put itself in the middle of the struggle against Iran, although it's clear that nobody will do the work for us."

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