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  כסלו 23, 5771 , 30/11/10

Wikileaks: Egypt Demanded U.S. Attack on Iran, Too

In a new document released by Wikileaks Tuesday, Egyptian Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman told the United States that his country sees Iran and Hizbullah as enemies, and expected the United States to do something to ensure that neither group gets nuclear weapons. If the U.S. fails to do so, President Hosni Mubarak warned diplomats, his country would work to acquire nuclear weapons, “and not for peaceful purposes.”

In the first batch of documents released Sunday night, the Saudi royal family is portrayed as well as trying to persuade the United States into attacking Iran. In a document released Tuesday, Syrian President Bashar Assad tells U.S. diplomats that he believes it is unlikely that Iran would attack Israel, if only not to harm the hundreds of thousands of Arabs in the country.
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