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  כסלו 1, 5771 , 08/11/10

Committee Approves SMS Blocking

The Knesset Economics Committee approved, on Monday, a bill by Member of Knesset Eli Aflalo (Kadima) that would amend the Communications Law to allow cellular telephone subscribers to ask their cellphone companies to block the sending or receiving of SMS (short message service) messages at no cost. Under the proposal, someone who sent an SMS to a blocked number would receive, toll-free, a message that the message was not delivered. The committee decided that the communications minister will decide whether the cost of informing the sender will be borne by the sender's company or the would-be recipient's company.

The bill now goes to the full Knesset for approval of its second and third readings. In response to cellular company claims about their ability to implement the law, it will go into effect six months after approval.

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