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  חשון 30, 5771 , 07/11/10

Ha'aretz Forced to Apologize to Har Bracha Residents

Radical left-wing journalist Gideon Levi and the newspaper that employs him, Ha'aretz, were forced to apologize to residents of Har Bracha, after accusing them of ongoing harassment of residents of the neighboring Arab village of Ein Burin. According to Levi, Har Bracha residents committed numerous violent acts against the Arabs, and even fired missiles at Ein Burin from inside Har Bracha.

Har Bracha residents filed a libel suit against Levi, accusing him of making the whole story up and intending to defame them. The demand a settlement of NIS 100,000 for damage to their reputations, as well as an apology. In a statement to the court last week, an attorney for Ha'aretz said that the article did not specify any residents of the town or residents of the town as a whole, and that Ha'aretz indeed did not have specific information to back up the charges in Levi's article. The Har Bracha Residents' Council accepted the Ha'aretz admission as proof of guilt, and agreed not to demand the NIS 100,000.
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