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  Nissan 29, 5770 , 13/04/10

Commentator: Kam is Another Ellsberg

Israel Radio's legal news correspondent, Moshe Negbi, called Tuesday for the government to amend the law, in order to exempt journalists from prosecution on leaking or publishing state secrets. Speaking at a Netanya college, Negbi said that the contention that anyone who possesses or distributes such information is a spy was “ridiculous.”

Negbi compared former IDF soldier Anat Kam, who has admitted to stealing more than 2,000 secret and top secret documents from the IDF, to The New York Times' Daniel Ellsberg, who published the Pentagon Papers, classified documents on America's involvement in the Vietnam War. Ellsberg was tried for espionage. That case was never decided, because the charges against Ellsberg were thrown out of court after it was discovered that the FBI had been illegally wiretapping Ellsberg's conversations with a former State Department employee. Ellsberg, said Negbi, had turned into a “national hero” in the United States.

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