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  Nissan 6, 5770 , 21/03/10

Temple Mount Group to Demonstrate in Downtown Jerusalem

The Temple Mount Human Rights Group has scheduled a gathering Tuesday in front of the Mashbir department store in Jerusalem. The theme of the gathering is, "The time has come for our liberation - to be a free people on our mountain" which plays on the chorus of the national anthem Hatikvah, which talks about the Jews being "a free people in our land". The group will call for freedom of religion for all groups on the Temple Mount, including the Jews.

The group's chairman, Yehuda Glick, says the state, in response to the Supreme Court, determined there was no preventing freedom of religion at the site but was concerned about the security consequences. He added, "We will come with lambs and goats and demand that we be allowed to offer a Pesach sacrifice on the Temple Mount."

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