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  Shvat 30, 5770 , 14/02/10

Study: Hareidi 'Kosher' Cellphone Campaign a Flop

One of the biggest campaigns ever undertaken by the Hareidi religious establishment – the campaign against cellphones with internet access and advanced services – has been a flop, according to a study by Dr. Tzuriel Roshi, director of the communications faculty at Lipschitz Academic College. According to Roshi, out of 340,000 potential cellphone customers in the Hareidi community, only 96,000 have purchased "kosher" cellphones – devices that do not allow users to access the internet or advanced services, like SMS – with the rest choosing to hold on to their advanced phones. And even of those who did acquire a phone approved by Hareidi rabbinical leaders, says Roshi, many continue to use their advanced devices, with the approved device deployed "just for show."

"The conclusion we come to with this study is that despite the impression among many people, the Hareidi public does not necessarily obey the will of its leaders blindly, and is likely to acquire items that are not approved of by the rabbis," Roshi said.

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