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  Elul 7, 5769 , 27/08/09

Israeli Invention Prevents Locking Kids in Car

A new Israeli innovation that prevents parents from accidentally locking their kids in the car has received an international patent. Once the car doors are opened, the system senses the weight of the child in the seat and issues a verbal warning. The designers says it is sensitive to any weight and will be triggered by a carton of milk left in the safety seat.

"This is a very inexpensive system that is compatible with any car seat and can be installed yourself," explained engineer Idan Nahami who developed the new invention together with his brother-in-law, Moshe Attias.  The system includes a special light bulb screwed into the car's light fixture that acts as a regular light bulb and also sends out an infrared signal as soon as the door is open and the internal illumination is automatically activated. The second part of the system includes a cushion installed underneath the car seat which is activated as soon it detects something sitting on it. It then initiates a “dialogue” with the infrared light.

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