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  Av 23, 5769 , 13/08/09

IDF: HRW Report Unreliable

The IDF has criticized a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report claiming that IDF soldiers killed Arab civilians holding 'white flags' in the Gaza Strip.  The IDF said the report is based on unreliable Arab claims. The IDF also said it was a common tactic of Hamas terrorists to shoot and then raise white flags to protect themselves from retaliation.

NGO monitor, a group which monitors organizations which claim to be neutral human rights groups, has criticized HRW's disproportionate criticism of Israel. Responding to the new HRW report, NGO Monitor's President Prof .Gerald Steinberg said, "The release of a third lengthy publication condemning Israel over Gaza within the space of a few months, is reflective of HRW's Israel obsession. Its timing, only a week after criticizing Hamas, confirms that this was no more than a token attempt by HRW to display artificial balance. If the methodology and ideology repeat past 'reports', this will be more evidence of HRW's moral collapse in promoting the agendas of Hamas and Hezbollah."

HRW watch was recently caught using its critical reports on Israel to raise money for its activities from Saudi Arabia.


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