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  Av 22, 5769 , 12/08/09

Reserve Soldiers Refuse to Expel Outpost Residents

Reserve duty soldiers who were ordered to expel residents of the Shvut Ami expanded neighborhood refused to do so and even refused to go to the outpost to count the number of residents, Makor Rishon newspaper reports.

Last Friday, border police, regular police and soldiers were sent to the Shvut Ami suburb of Kedumim in central Samaria and told to expel the residents. The reserve duty soldiers told their commanders "Leave us alone. We didn't come to reserve duty to do this kind of work." And their commander left them alone. During Shabbat they were asked to go back and count the residents but they refused again. Said one soldier,"We agreed amongst ourselves that we would not operate against Jews. We all agreed, even the leftists and non-religious."

The Shomron Residents Council sent a letter to Central Command General Noam Tivon criticizing the army for expelling the residents during the Sabbath.

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