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  Sivan 23, 5769 , 15/06/09

Mattot Arim Blasts Netanyahu's Speech

The Mattot Arim (City Task Force) grassroots group criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech Sunday night on the diplomatic process with the Palestinian Authority. In a statement released following the address, spokeswoman Susie Dym said, "As Israelis, our 15 thousand activists are exceptionally concerned at Prime Minister Netanyahu's crash tonight in which, violating campaign promises, he spoke admiringly of the Palestinian state concept, as though there were not already an ample entity of this description in Jordan.

Dym added, "A leader who is convinced there is justice in his enemies' contentions, and none in the convictions of his own people, clearly will be unable to protect his own people. Netanyahu's endorsement of the Palestinian state concept, as against his campaign promises, can only result in rockets raining down on the heads of his own voters in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Israel's sole international airport; Netanyahu has preferred the unjust over the just and Palestinian-administered war over peace. He is turning his back on his own people. Too fast, it has become a shame and embarrassment to be part of the coalition of this man who refuses to stand up for his people."

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