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  Iyar 16, 5769 , 10/05/09

US Attorney Fights Facebook Holocaust-Denial Groups

U.S. Attorney Brian Cuban is pressuring Facebook to remove Holocaust denial groups such as "Holocaust: A Series of Lies," and "Holocaust is a Holohoax" from the site. Cuban, who has been demanding action from the site for a year, said that there is a precedent for removing groups based on user complaints but Facebook is ignoring complaints on these groups. "Facebook is setting the subjective standard on what they remove and what they don't," he said in an interview with CNN.

"There is no First Amendment right to free speech in the private realm. This isn't a freedom-of-speech issue. Facebook is free to set the standard that they wish."  Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said the site agrees that Holocaust-denial pages are offensive and objectionable, but believes that people have the right to discuss such ideas on Facebook. "It's a difficult decision to make. We have a lot of internal debate and we bring in experts to talk about it," Schnitt said. "Just being offensive or objectionable doesn't get it taken off Facebook. We want it [the site] to be a place where people can discuss all kinds of ideas, including controversial ones."

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