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  Nissan 27, 5769 , 21/04/09

Hareidi-Religious Educator Calls for Alternate Programs

In response to the report by Israel National News about Bnei Brak youth vandalizing cars and a synagogue between Friday and Saturday night, educator Rabbi Yakov Horowitz demanded that the hareidi-religious community allow “alternate programs and recreational activities for healthy, normal, mainstream children who so desperately are in need of them.” Rabbi Horowitz said, “The kids aren’t dangerous, they were just normal children driven to the streets by the dangerous kanoim [extremists] who are destroying every facet of our kehillos [communities].”

The director of Project YES, an educational project of Agudath Israel of America which helps wayward religious children, also backed Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman’s support for the Nachal Hareidi program, calling it “a wonderful program created for hareidi boys who are not full-time learners.”

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