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  אלול 25, 5768 , 25/09/08

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More than half of the Arab terrorists and prisoners to be released by the Olmert government do not have blood on their hands because they did not succeed in carrying out planned terrorist attacks, according to a study of the proposed list. Dr. Aaron Lerner, head of the Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA), also said that 18 terrorists were convicted of attempted murder by shooting or bombing.


--Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni met Khaled Ibn Khalifa, the Emir of Qatar, near the United Nations headquarters in New York City, the first time a senior Israeli official has publicly met the Emir of Qatar.


--The United States Congress voted Tuesday to tighten sanctions against Iran and officially declare the Iranian army a terrorist group.


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A representative of State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss’ office questioned Prime Minister Ehud Olmert regarding questionable real estate dealings. Regarding the purchase of a home on Jerusalem’s Cremieux Street, the prime minister is alleged to have received a bribe in the form of an intentionally reduced price on the choice piece of real estate.


--An indictment has been filed against Knesset Member Tzachi HaNegbi charging him with corruption in political appointments, but the former Likud minister rejected calls that he step down as chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. MK HaNegbi said, "The indictment is baseless." He claimed his appointments were similar to those made by dozens of politicians over the years.


--The United States and four Western powers have joined to block an Arab attempt to get a United Nations committee to declare Israel to be a nuclear threat.

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