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  תמוז 27, 5768 , 30/07/08

Chabad Temple Course 'Scares' Muslim Groups

A brief Chabad-sponsored course on the Temple, to be held in Israel this week and the next, has angered Islamic organizations, who call it a threat to the Al-Aksa Mosque compound.

"We view this as a serious and drastic move toward the fruition of extremist organizations to establish a temple in place of al-Aksa Mosque," said Zahi Nujidat of the Islamic Movement. "This represents a real danger to al-Aksa." The Aksa Foundation issued a similar statement.

The course, offered at roughly 200 locations throughout Israel, comes during the two weeks leading up to Tisha B'Av, the fast day that commemorates the destruction of both the First and the Second Temple.

Accordin to Chabad Lubavitch spokesman Rabbi Menachem Brod, the Muslim groups are cynically pointing to the short courses as proof that the Israeli establishment wants to destroy the mosque.

"This is a pure provocation by an organization that is exploiting any opportunity to incite the Arab public to violence against Israel," said Brod. "Every time they are looking for some other excuse to incite, and now they found it in the course."

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