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  סיון 20, 5768 , 23/06/08

American Jews Worried over Church Anti-Zionism

American Jews, ranging from the nationalist Zionist Organization of American to left-wing Peace Now, are worried over Presbyterian Church statements against Israel. A church committee is debating national assembly resolutions that include opposition to American military aid to Israel and selling investments in Caterpillar and Motorola because their equipment is used by the Israel defense Forces.

Church member Thomas McAfee said, "We are divesting from the occupation. I fail to see how divesting from Caterpillar and Motorola is a punishment to anyone," the New York Sun reported.

Several church leaders oppose the anti-Israel moves. Former pastor Rebecca Kuiken stated, "Much of what we are doing in our Middle East overtures offers an inaccurate and inadequate reading of theology and history. There is an unbalanced and topsy-turvy use and abuse of Exodus. I don't think this is the right story for this region for right now."

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