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  סיון 7, 5768 , 10/06/08

Growth in Britain’s Jewish Community

The Board of Deputies of British Jews (the representative body of the UK Jewish community) has released a new report regarding the state of the Jewish community in the UK. Demographers David Graham and Daniel Vulkan, who produced the report, entitled "Population Trends among Britain's Strictly Orthodox Jews," reported  a four percent annual growth of the haredi community in the UK.  Graham noted that "This is an exceptional statistic given the often heard assertion that British Jewry, like many Diaspora communities, is in a permanent state of decline."

Graham said that a higher growth can be expected in the future: "Overall, around 10% of Britain's Jewish population is haredi, but among those who are under 18 years old, one-third are haredi. It is clear that this young age structure has actually caused the high growth rate to accelerate. This means that we might expect a growth rate of even higher than 4% in the future." The authors estimate the size of Britain's current haredi population to be between 20,000-30,000 out of about 300,000 Jews in Britain.

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