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  אדר ב 21, 5768 , 28/03/08

Hizbullah Recruits Lebanese Children from Age Seven

Hizbullah recruiters look for potential future fighters in Lebanon's schools, and begin their training process when they are still small children, according to a Time Magazine investigative report. The process of locating potential future fighters begins in Lebanese primary schools, including those run by Hizbullah. The organization's recruiters look for energetic, clever and violent pupils.

Potential candidates are sent on Hizbullah-sponsored "field trips" as study sessions in which Hizbullah's martyrdom ideology is instilled in them and prayer, courage and honesty are extolled. The children are divided into groups, each with its own child-commander, and given missions.

The next phase in the children's preparation, carried out when they are a little older, includes at least nine months of basic military training. The children are then given their future roles: those defined as "lazy" become spotters on the Israeli border, the "courageous" ones become fighters/terrorists and the "smart" ones are sent to intelligence roles.

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