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  אדר ב 12, 5768 , 19/03/08

Women in Green: Youth Like Tzviya will Bring Revolution

The pro-Land of Israel group "Women in Green" greeted Tzviya Sariel, who was released from jail Wednesday, with the "Matir asurim" blessing, which refers to the Lord's releasing of prisoners.

"18 year old Tzviya did not kneel or bow before the evil regime which despite her innocence abused her for almost four months in Neve Tirtza jail, in order to break her spirit and beliefs," the movement's leader, Nadia Matar, said. "Tzviya represents the wonderful Jewish youth, which is loyal to the Land of Israel, which fears no internal or external enemy, youth which by the grace of G-d will soon carry out the rebellion we all expect."

The rebellion, she said, will cause us to reach a state of "it was turned to the contrary so that the Jews themselves gained the mastery over those who hated them" – a quote from the Scroll of Esther (9:1).

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