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  אדר ב 11, 5768 , 18/03/08

Jewish American Border Officer Suffers Anti-Semitism

Jewish U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Officer Brian Israel, a border officer on the Canadian-American border is sueing the US Border Patrol after years of anti-Semitic abise.

According to VIN News, "Officer Israel was subjected to anti-Semitic activity almost immediately [upon being hired ten years ago]. He found swastikas and Waffen SS lighting stripes on his locker, and was regularly sent out by his management to clear 'his people' when the 'smelly Jew Bus' (typically vehicles operated by Heiman's Bus Service or other companies from Brooklyn) [arrived]."

The report continues: "Though Israel is a life-long public servant with stints in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Treasury Police and U.S. Federal Air Marshal Service under his belt, and the recipient of various awards, citations, commendations and medals for his military and federal law enforcement service, that didn't stop him from getting fired in July 2007 based on two 2005 incidents—one in which even fellow officers testified that Israel was in the right after being assaulted by a Canadian traveler, and a second, more ominous event in which a violent Algerian national who was a security threat destroyed a border radiation detector by driving his car into it at 70 miles an hour. Both cases led to Israel's dismissal for 'excessive force,' with even the government not denying that a file of the worthy officer's list of blatant anti-Semitic experiences at his comrades' hands does exist."

Officer Israel, a religious Jew and son of Holocaust survivors, says that the only reason he was fired is because he constantly complained against his supervisors for the continuous anti-Semitic remarks. His court case, which has cost him $80,000 in legal fees, will end with a verdict on March 31st, 2008.

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