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  אדר ב 5, 5768 , 12/03/08

Abbas in Tirade Over 'Barbaric' IDF Bethlehem Op

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas issued an emotional denouncement of Israel's Special Operations action in Bethlehem Wednesday which left four senior terrorists dead in a bullet riddled car.

"This barbaric crime against our fighters and against our Palestinian people tears the mask off of the fake mask covering the face of Israel, which speaks of peace and on a daily basis commits crimes, murders and executions against our people."

"Despite all of the fake claims by the Israeli government that it wants peace and security, on the ground it ceaselessly continues constructing settlements in Jerusalem and in the other territories in the West Bank, as it casts aside all of its fake commitments at Annapolis and in the other international events, besides the barbaric holocaust it perpetrated against our people, our women and children in Gaza." 

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