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  אדר ב 4, 5768 , 11/03/08

From Super Bowl to Super Jew

Former Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys lineman Shlomo (Alan) Veingrad has replaced his shoulder pads with Tzitzit, the traditional fringed garment worn by Jewish males. He retired from football in 1993 but felt lost without the cheering from fans, according to Chabad.

He started making Judaism his goal line after his cousin invited him for a dinner on the Sabbath. After visiting Israel, he returned wearing a skullcap (kipa) and began using his Hebrew name of Shlomo. "He has been able to channel that dedication and commitment he had for football to Judaism, while living in a very secular environment," said Rabbi Schneur Kaplan of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Downtown Chabad. "People are drawn to him because he played in the NFL [and] won a Super Bowl," said Kaplan.

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