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  אדר ב 1, 5768 , 08/03/08

Jordan Forbids Constructing “Mourning Tent” for Attacke

While Arabs in the Jabel Mukabar neighborhood of Jerusalem erected a “mourning tent” for Alla Abu-Dehin, the terrorist who carried out Thursday night's massacre at the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, authorities in Jordan prevented his relatives there from setting up such a tent.

Abu-Dehin's uncle told Al Jazeera TV Saturday that local police arrived on Saturday and asked family members to dismantle the tent they had constructed, saying that the local military governor had issued an order against it. He also said that police had been positioned around the neighborhood to prevent mourners from coming to their home.

On Friday, Jordanian officials strongly condemned the attack, saying that Amman was opposed to any attacks on civilians. In general, Jordan does not interfere with residents celebrating terror attacks against Israel.

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