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  אדר 26, 5768 , 03/03/08

Lawyer: ‘Not for Nothing’ that No Body was Found

Attorney Amikam Hadar of the Land of Israel Legal Forum said Monday that it was possible that there was no Arab teenager killed by gunfire on Monday morning.  Hadar is representing a 30-year-old resident of Neria who fired at the legs of a group of Arab attackers on Monday morning after the group refused to disperse when he fired in the air.  Arabs later claimed that a 17-year-old had been killed in the incident.

“It’s not for nothing that no body was found.  Only a police investigation will prove who, if anyone, shot the dead man whose body has disappeared,” Hadar said. 

Whatever the results of the man’s actions, Hadar said, he clearly shot in self-defense.  The man was an excellent soldier and later served as a security guard, and he acted appropriately to stop the attack, Hadar added.

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