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  אדר 16, 5768 , 22/02/08

Obama's Foreign Policy Favors Talks with Syria and Iran

The "inner circle" of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama is developing a foreign policy that includes high-level diplomatic talks with Syria and Iran but does not include pressuring Israel to negotiate with Hamas, the New York Sun reported. Sen. Obama has won significant victories over Sen. Hillary Clinton in primaries. He has been trying to overcome an email campaign charging that he will not back Israel if elected president.

The inner circle includes Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter and who led a delegation in the Middle East that met with Syrian President Bashar Assad. Former Israeli ambassador to America, Daniel Ayalon, told the Sun, "What worries me [is that] I have looked into his [Obama's] position papers and all of that. He describes the ayatollah regime as a Hitler-like regime. I think he is very right to see it as a Hitler-like regime. If he sees it this way, why would he negotiate with a Hitler type-regime?"

Unlike every previous major candidate since 1980, he has not promised to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. American President George W. Bush, similar to his predecessors, has reneged on the promise. The move to Jerualem is mandated by a Congressional law, which includes a waiver which President Bush has used to claim that security considerations prevent him from executing the law.

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