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  שבט 20, 5768 , 27/01/08

Livni: Lack of Public Trust in Gov't is 'Major Problem'

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (Kadima) appealed Sunday to families of fallen soldiers who died in the Second Lebanon War not to allow their differences of opinion over the Winograd Report to create further divisions between the government and the public.

The Winograd Commission which investigated the government’s handling of the war in 2006, is set to publish its findings on Wednesday.  The organization of reservists and bereaved families who lost their loved ones in the IDF during the war has published findings in an alternative investigation it conducted into the management of the war, and called directly for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s resignation.

“We have a major problem with public trust and the worst thing we can do is create camps – us on the one side and the bereaved families and soldiers on the other,” Livni said. "This is bad for the government and bad for Kadima," she told fellow party members. She is scheduled to meet with reservists and bereaved families later Sunday.

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