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  טבת 22, 5768 , 31/12/07

Anglican Church to Convene in Jerusalem

The conservative wing of the Anglican Church will host a conference June 15-22 in Jerusalem to chart the future course of the sect.  The meeting will take place in response to intense division resulting from the induction of a gay bishop in 2003. 

The 80-million member denomination's conservative coalition will be led by the archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, and will focus on the rapidly growing Church of England membership in Africa and Asia.

In 2006, the Anglican Church called for divestment from Israel, with many of its church-linked charities demonizing Israel's security policies.  One charity's Christmas cards portrayed Christmas characters Mary and Joseph as unable to reach Jerusalem due to tight Israeli security, with another offering for sale a nativity scene suggesting that the "wise men" will be unable to reach the stable thanks to Israel.  However, studies show that African Christians maintain increased support for Israel, because they believe they see a reflection in the Torah of their own experiences.

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