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  טבת 22, 5768 , 31/12/07

Study to Examine Religious Kibbutz Movement

Researchers from the Ariel University Center and Bar Ilan University have begun examining data from a survey of 600 adults between the ages of 24 and 40 who were raised on religious kibbutzim (cooperative communities).   Some of those surveyed had chosen to live on a religious kibbutz as adults, while others had chosen to leave the kibbutz framework.  The researchers hope to determine the reasons that young people choose to leave kibbutzim.

According to the initial findings, many of those surveyed said they wanted to live a more religious lifestyle and to send their children to schools with a stronger emphasis on Torah than the schools they had attended.  Most thought that families living on the kibbutz should be required to be religiously observant.  However, the adults surveyed did not want a strict interpretation of Jewish law to become standard in the kibbutz.

Many of those surveyed expressed ambivalence to the kibbutz lifestyle.  While most said they enjoyed the kibbutz lifestyle and supported the ideals of equality and a lack of materialism, many did not want to give their private earnings to the community, and expressed concern that they would not leave anything to their children.

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