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  טבת 16, 5768 , 25/12/07

Mofaz and Diskin Oppose Move to Redefine Murderers

Minister Sha'ul Mofaz and Shabak chief Yuval Diskin oppose the government's new trend towards easing up on criteria enabling the release of terrorists.

While most ministers apparently support the idea, Mofaz, Diskin and others don't like the process the government began yesterday to ease up on criteria defining which terrorists can be released from prison. 

Until now, the government has been steadfast in refusing to free terrorists who have "blood on their hands" – i.e., were involved in murderous attacks – in the framework of prisoner releases.  There were many who objected to even this relatively strict definition, saying that terrorists who tried to murder Jews but, for one reason or another, failed, should not be eligible for freedom.

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