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  כסלו 26, 5768 , 06/12/07

Sarkozy: Terror Caused by Injustice, PLO State a Must

French President Nicholas Sarkozy said civilian nuclear technology must be an exercise in trust between the western and Islamic worlds.  The French leader made the statement in an address to students at a university in Constantine, Algeria on Wednesday.  France signed a treaty with Algeria, its first ever nuclear accord with a Muslim country, on Tuesday. 

During the speech, Sarkozy gave his opinions about a possible Palestinian state, saying he believes it would help fight terror.  Sarkozy also said that terrorists gain strength through their sense of injustice, and that France would not tolerate the further injustice of the lack of a PLO state.

Sarkozy also mentioned that it is unjust not to recognize Israel's right to exist.

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