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  כסלו 19, 5768 , 29/11/07

Violent Officers Sentenced to Community Service

Tel Aviv judge Hanan Efrati sentenced two police officers to community service on Thursday for beating an activist.  Officer Eren Naim was sentenced to six months of service, while officer Eliran Avraham was sentenced to three months.  In his verdict, Efrati implied that the officers should be treated lightly just as anti-Disengagement activists were pardoned after blocking roads and resisting expulsion.

The two officers are accused of beating Akiva Vitkin after arresting him as he protested the plan to expel Jews from Gaza.  Naim was convicted of sticking his fingers in Vitkin’s nose and forcing his head back, while Avraham was convicted of beating Vitkin after he was taken to the local police station. 

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